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Without Court Time, We Have No Basketball Program! It must be understood that we are an independent youth organization, unaffiliated with the Jefferson County School District. Even though virtually all of our players attend Jeffco Schools, the schools are under no obligation to provide us with court time. We have been fortunate that the schools grant us enough court time to provide full-hour, full-court practices. School principals have final approval for use of school facilities.

The principals, in the spirit of cooperation with parents and students, are more than willing to grant our requests for practices and games. If, however, the principal is constantly fielding complaints from the custodial staff about vandalism, graffiti, theft, inappropriate behavior, messy restrooms, excessive trash or spillage, he/she has every right to rescind our use of the facility.

We must all respect the District’s increased security standards in order to continue to have use of these school facilities. To support their efforts and to ensure that the league does not lose court time, we will have a zero-tolerance for violations of league rules; players will be removed from the league upon first occurrence. There will be no second chances.

These rules will be strictly enforced by all coaches. All players/parents are required to sign the Golden Youth Basketball Gym Use Policy prior to the first practice. If your coach does not receive these forms, the player will not be allowed to practice or participate in games.

Golden Youth Basketball Gym Use Policy