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Q:  What’s the difference between Gold/Silver teams and A, B & C teams?

A:  GYBA teams participate in two different youth basketball leagues, the Jefferson County League (JeffCo League) and the Gold Crown Competitive League (Gold Crown). A, B & C teams only participate in the JeffCo League. Gold and Silver teams play in both the JeffCo League and the Gold Crown League.


Q:  Why are the gold and silver levels needed in addition to the traditional A, B & C levels?

A:  For years GYBA has been holding tryouts to chose A teams. Often times (and more and more frequently) those A teams have chosen to play Gold Crown in addition to JeffCo. Unfortunately, it was left up to the teams to navigate the different restrictions the JeffCo League has relative to Gold Crown players and to sort out the accounting associated with the additional league. More importantly, if everyone's expectations weren't aligned prior to team formation, you had the potential for split teams where half wanted to play Gold Crown and half didn't. By adding the Gold/Silver competitive levels to GYBA, expectations relative to which leagues a team will participate in, weekend commitments and financial obligations are set prior to team formation, which should be beneficial for all.


Q: Are all 5 levels provided at every age group?

A:  No, the Gold Crown League doesn’t start until fifth grade, therefore Gold/Silver competitive levels aren’t offered within GYBA until fifth grade. Third graders aren’t divided between A, B & C levels either, primarily because there are no tryouts for this age group and team formation is based more on schools, neighborhoods, friendships, etc. than skill level. At fourth grade, the teams are divided between A, B & C teams based on the coaches assessment of the team's level. Third and fourth grade teams only participate in the JeffCo League.  


Q: Will there be a Gold, Silver, A, B & C team at each age group?

A:  The number of teams and the level of competition for each age group is based on the number of kids participating at each grade, the skill level of each team that’s assembled and the coaches/parents preference (for competitive teams) as to whether they want to play in just the JeffCo League (an A team), or both JeffCo and Gold Crown (a Gold or Silver team).


Q: If my child wants to play competitively, is Gold or Silver the only option?

A:  No, the intent is that A teams are competitive as well, it’s just they’ve decided to only play JeffCo and not Gold Crown. For example, if in one grade there are 16 kids that want to play competitive basketball, they would attend tryouts. The top eight players could be classified as a Gold team. They would participate in both JeffCo and Gold Crown. The next 8 players could be classified as a Silver team if the coach and the majority of the parents wanted to participate in both JeffCo and Gold Crown. If that coach and the majority of the parents preferred just to play in the JeffCo league, then they would be classified as an A team.


Q: Why the need to differentiate between Gold/Silver and A if they’re all competitive teams?

A:  A couple of reasons. 1) there’s a cost difference to GYBA for the teams only playing in the JeffCo League and those playing in both JeffCo and Gold Crown. 2) The JeffCo League has limits on how many kids that play in the Gold Crown League can participate in the JeffCo League at their own age level. For this reason, many GYBA teams that opt to participate in the Gold Crown League play up one year in the JeffCo League. The JeffCo League has begun offering another level (other than A, B & C) that has less restrictions as to how many Gold Crown players participate (to make it a little more complicated!).


Q: What if we don’t want to play on the weekends?

A:  The JeffCo League has historically had the majority of their games scheduled during the evening on weekdays, however they do have Saturday games. GYBA is responsible for scheduling home JeffCo League games, and every effort is made to schedule them during the week. GYBA has less control relative to away games, and therefore there are occasional weekend games scheduled for the JeffCo League. Gold Crown games are always played on the weekends, with a double-header (two games) typically being scheduled either Saturday or Sunday. Playing on a Gold or Silver team includes a much bigger weekend commitment.


Q: What if we want to play competitively but don’t want to play on the weekends. Do we absolutely have the option just to play A?

A:  Ideally, there would be a Gold, Silver, A, B & C team at every level. That obviously doesn’t always happen. The ultimate decision as to whether a team plays Gold/Silver or A is up to the coach, and the majority of the parents on a team. That, unfortunately, means that there is the potential for someone to be in the minority and be asked to play on a Gold/Silver team when they want to play A, or be asked to play on an A team when they want to play Gold/Silver.


Q: In past years, I know there have been some teams that have different players when they play Gold Crown vs. when they play JeffCo. Is that still possible?

A:  In the past there have been teams that played JeffCo with (for example) 10 players, but Gold Crown with only eight of those 10 (i.e. 2 of the 10 didn't pay for or play Gold Crown). That is still possible, but it obviously adds a complicating factor to the team makeup. This scenario is on a team by team and coach by coach basis, but it is still possible.


Q: Are practice time commitments similar between Gold/Silver and A, B & C teams?

A:  GYBA tries to provide each team with two practices per week, regardless of the level of competition. Gold/Silver teams (based on coach’s preference) may opt to begin practices prior to November 1st, but other than that, practice time commitments are the same.


Q: When do the seasons run for both leagues?

A:  JeffCo League games begin in early December and run through February. Gold Crown League games begin in January and run through February.


Q: What if my child can't attend tryout dates?

A:  We do prefer kids attend tryout dates if at all possible. There are lots of kids at tryouts and the more the evaluators can see the kids, the better the chances of properly placing the kids. If you can't make one of the dates, please let your Grade Level Leader know. You should still register your child prior to the tryout date.


Q: What if my child can't attend either tryout date?

A:  This is a more difficult situation if your child wants to play at a competitive level (it's a non-issue if they're looking to play B or C level). We will make every effort to talk to past coaches and understand a child's skill level for placement, but we do not want to place a child on a team in which they're not prepared. If your child can't attend either tryout date, please coordinate with your Grade Level Leader.