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Today there are numerous leagues, clubs and organizations available for Jefferson County kids looking to play basketball. If you understand all the vernacular and options, consider yourself lucky and in the minority.

Generally speaking (this is all very general), Colorado basketball is broken into the Winter season and the Spring/Summer season. Winter is more orientated around High School teams (although there are still club opportunities), and Spring/Summer is more orientated around Club basketball (although June is “set aside” for the High Schools to play in tournaments). Fall is an in between period that has both High School and club opportunities.

GYBA is dedicated to providing opportunities for the Winter leagues. Some boys and girls that participate in GYBA in the Winter, opt to play for club teams for the Spring/Summer, while some do not.

Here is a quick summary of some of the leagues that are available for Winter and Fall. Some of these leagues are discussed below relative to different levels of participation from GYBA:

Winter Leagues

Jefferson County League (http://jeffcoleague.org/)The Jefferson County League is the league that GYBA has historically participated in and intends to participate in for the foreseeable future. The league is partitioned by level of play, with A teams being the most competitive, followed by B (recreational/competitive), and C (recreational). League games start in December and go through February. There used to be limits on how many “Gold Crown” players could play on various levels of JeffCo League teams (see below relative to Gold Crown). This restriction proved to be difficult to manage, so recently the JeffCo League has begun adding higher divisions (i.e. Gold) to allow for teams that also desire to play Gold or Silver Crown.

Arapahoe Youth League (http://aylsportsbasketball.leag1.com)The Arapahoe Youth League (AYL) is structured similar to the Jefferson County League, however it typically serves teams from the Southern Metro area. GYBA teams do not participate in AYL.

Gold Crown (http://www.goldcrownfoundation.com/basketball)There’s often been confusion relative to Gold Crown. Many of the JeffCo League games are played at Gold Crown. Playing games at Gold Crown does not mean your child is “playing Gold Crown”. Gold Crown‘s traditional winter league is the Winter Competitive League. This league is broken into two divisions – Gold and Silver. Gold is the higher level. These are often referred to as playing “Gold Crown” or “Silver Crown”. The Winter Competitive League is structured around a sponsoring high school. Under league rules, 60% of the kids on a team need to be attending a school within the articulation area of the sponsoring high school. They do enforce this rule. Gold Crown now also has the Premier League. Premier League also plays in the winter, however they do not have the 60% rule, so this league is geared more to clubs that play year round or teams that can’t meet the 60% rule.

Fall Leagues

JAM League (http://www.jamball.com)

Just Play Sports (https://leagueathletics.com/Page.asp?n=29502&org=GMAYBB.COM) -

Spring/Summer - More to come....