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GYBA / Gold Crown Competative Level (Gold & Silver teams)

If your son or daughter is in 6th grade or older, and wishes to compete on a Gold or Silver level team within GYBA, then they must attend tryouts. Players are selected by G.Y.B.A. Board of Directors, Golden High School coaches and team representatives. The decision will not be based on home address, carpooling, player’s previously playing together and/or returning to the league. At this level coaches determine the amount of playing time for all players except for the Jefferson County Basketball Conference mandatory one full quarter playing time rule. You will be notified of the location, date and time of the tryout.

GYBA Gold Crown Participation Fees 

GYBA Teams that qualify and want to compete in the Gold Crown Competitve League will need to coordinate registration and payment directly with Gold Crown.

GYBA Gold Crown Level Benefits

JeffCo League Participation

All GYBA teams participate in the JeffCo League. In addition to the traditional A, B & C levels that the JeffCo League has historically offered, they recently added a Gold division at certain ages. Gold and Silver GYBA teams will participate in the Gold level of the JeffCo League. If a Gold Division is not formed for a certain age group, then GYBA Gold and Silver teams will participate at the A level of the next grade up. The JeffCo League is comprised of teams from the following areas. 

  • Green Mountain | Alameda | Arvada West | Chatfield | Conifer | D'Evelyn | Evergreen | Lakewood | Pomona | Ralston Valley | Standley Lake | Wheat Ridge | and others

The league offers an end of the season tournament for the top eight teams in each division.

Gold Crown Competitive League Participation

All GYBA Gold and Silver teams have the option to participate in the Gold Crown Competitive League which starts in January and runs through February. Gold Crown is the premier league in the Denver metro area and offers a very high level of competition. GYBA Gold teams will generally participate in Gold Crown's Gold Division, and GYBA Silver teams will generally participate in Gold Crown's Silver Division.  (Note: Subject to Change).

Practice Time

Gold and Silver teams generally practice twice a week, with each practice being 1.0 to 1.5 hours long. Gold and Silver teams will also begin practicing 4 to 6 weeks prior to the other GYBA teams. Certain Gold/Silver teams will practice together (as team numbers and facility availability allows). Combined practices allow for efficiencies and the opportunity to run game situations that aren't available with individual practices and smaller team sizes.


Gold and Silver teams have the option to participate in two tournaments in addition to the end of season tournaments associated with the JeffCo League and Gold Crown Competitive League. The two tournaments will likely be a pre-season tournament (Gold Crown or Just Play Sports) and a Holiday Tournament (Gold Crown or other). Each team will determine which tournaments they will enter and the Team will be responsible for payment of of all Team Registration Fees. 

Team Size

Gold and Silver level teams will vary in size from 7 to 10 players, with the target team size being 8.