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GYBA Mission Statement


Golden Youth Basketball Association

Golden Youth Basketball Association (GYBA) is a community-based, competitive, and committed basketball program for boys and girls from 2nd grade to 8th grade.

Our purpose is to provide a fun, rewarding experience designed to prepare young athletes to play basketball at a high skill level that ultimately contributes to the Golden High School basketball program.

Our success is measured by individual skill and team development, as well as teaching personal development and life lessons that can be carried beyond the basketball court.

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GYBA Changes 2022 -2023 Winter Season
  Important GYBA Changes for the 2022 -2023 Winter Season Golden...
6th Grade Boys 2022 - 2023 GHS / GYBA Competitive Team Tryouts
    Golden Youth Basketball Association Jeffco...
GYBA Changes 2022 -2023 Winter Season


Important GYBA Changes for the 2022 -2023 Winter Season

Golden Youth Basketball Association (GYBA) is committed to providing the best basketball experience to the boys, girls, and their families in our community. To better align our players actual experience with that of the GYBA Mission Statement, we are incorporating several necessary changes for the 2022-2023 GYBA Youth Basketball Season.

Factors that have contributed to GYBA’s modifications include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • GYBA’s loss of critical practice and game time at the local Middle Schools as they accommodate their Middle School Sports Program (MSSP). 
  • Elementary and Middle Schools limiting outside groups use of their facilities due to the school’s inability to hire enough janitorial/facility support.
  • The lingering fall-out from the Pandemic, which continues to influence policies and procedures throughout the Jeffco school system

2022 -2023 GYBA Changes

  • The number of GYBA boy's teams will be limited. On average, there will be three (3) teams per grade-level. Gym space and availability is limited in the Golden area, so we want to ensure each team is provided adequate practice time to promote player and team development.
  • Rosters are generally limited to ten (10) players per team to facilitate player development.
  • For age groups with multiple teams, we are encouraging one team to play at a higher level than the other two teams (i.e., one 4th grade team playing in the Silver/A Division while the other 4th grade team(s) may play in the “B” or “C” Divisions).  This structure will benefit the development of players and will assist in the overall competitiveness of GYBA.
  • It is expected, at least, the most competitive level team in 4th-8th grades will participate in the Gold Crown Winter Competitive League as well as the JPS / Jeffco League.  Other GYBA teams are encouraged to play both Leagues as well. Additional games will promote player and team development.  
  • Formal tryouts will be held for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade teams with the objective of forming the GHS / GYBA Competitive Feeder Teams in addition to creating a second level (i.e., Silver level) team and third level (i.e., Rec level) team composed of players with similar skill sets, similar basketball experience, and a shared desired level of play.  All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade players are encouraged to participate in tryouts to ensure players are placed on the appropriate teams.
  • Coaches are responsible for team rosters and for determining the level of play for 2nd grade through 5th grade boy’s teams.  Coaches must consider the basketball ability, basketball experience, commitment level, and competitive aspirations of the individual players and the overall team when creating their rosters. If coaches cannot fill their rosters with 8 to 10 players, additional players may be added to their rosters from the pool of additional registrants.

Please reach out to Rob Owens ( ) with general inquiries and specifically for questions relating to the formation of boy’s teams.


by posted 09/24/2022
6th Grade Boys 2022 - 2023 GHS / GYBA Competitive Team Tryouts



Golden Youth Basketball Association

Jeffco Winter Youth Basketball Season 

 6th Grade Boys



Final 6th Grade Boys Tryout Results will be announced

by Tuesday, September 27, 2022  
Any questions, please contact:

Patrick Hart:  

Information About the Feeder Teams

The GHS - GYBA Feeder Teams are Competitive Level Teams and will play in the JPS Winter League and the Gold Crown Winter League.  The Gold Crown Winter League runs from December 10th, 2022 - March 12th, 2023, with games on either Saturdays or Sundays, on an every-other-week schedule through the Winter Season.  Games are played throughout the Denver-metro area from Longmont to Castle Rock.

GHS - GYBA Feeder Teams are coached by Golden Youth Basketball volunteers who are supported by the GHS Boys’ Basketball Coaching Staff.  The coaches will work with GHS Coaches to ensure that GHS basketball fundamentals and principles are incorporated into practices and games.

by posted 09/14/2022