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Golden Youth Basketball Association (GYBA) is a community-based organization focused on providing a quality recreational or competitive basketball experience for boys and girls from 3rd to 8th grade. 

GYBA is dedicated to providing a quality experience, where every child has fun, improves basketball skills, understands the importance of “team”, and learns “life lessons” that can be carried beyond the basketball court.

GYBA is committed to creating a positive basketball culture by using the principles of positive coaching to promote sportsmanship, self-esteem and the development of life skills.  GYBA’s coaches, parents, fans, officials and athletes are critical to the success of this mission.

2020-2021 Golden Youth Basketball UPDATE!



2020 - 2021 GYBA Youth Basketball Update


August 25, 2020

GYBA / Jeffco Basketball Conference Participants,

The Jefferson County Youth Basketball Board has met and have concluded we want to find a way to make basketball happen this 2020-2021 season.  Although this will be difficult considering all the unknowns and the factors at play, we feel it is important for kids to be able to play sports.  

Currently, we are not yet sure if there will be a season or what the season will look like if we are able to move forward.  Whatever the season looks like, if we move ahead, we will be following any Colorado Mask mandates and any capacity limits that are in effect at the time of play.  Further, we will adjust as mandates are made stricter or less strict.  With that said, we will update you soon with our plan. 

Where we are at:

Of all the challenges we are facing, the most problematic right now is securing gym time.   As you know, GYBA relies on Elementary, Middle and to a lesser degree Golden High School to provide practice and game facilities for our youth teams.  Unfortunately, due to COVID related concerns, Jefferson County schools will not currently rent to any outside groups.  They have indicated they will re-evaluate on 9/30/2020, but we are being told they will not likely rent facilities to outside groups until at least January.  Even if facilities become available after the first of the year, we have no idea how much gym time will be available considering there will be competing school functions and High School sports will be playing or preparing for their delayed seasons.   

Understanding the reality of the situation, we determined the best course of action is to attempt to identify if there are any alternative practice / game locations.  Once this information is in hand, the Jefferson County Youth Basketball Board will meet the week of September 14th and put our final plan in place dependent on the availability of alternative facilities.   

What we do know, if there is a season this year, it will not look like past seasons.  For example, there are several possibilities:

  • No competitive team tryouts
  • No team practice time will be provided by associations
  • It will be a “Game Only” league
  • Number of games per team will be reduced
  • Spectators will be substantially limited
  • Masks will be required while playing
  • Cleaning procedures between games

As a Board, we want to try to provide a basketball season for as many teams and as many kids that want to play—even if it looks different than it has in the past.  However, there is no guarantee this will happen.  We want to provide kids the opportunity to do what they love in as safe as environment as we can- understanding that there will be a risk. 

Again, we are not yet sure if there will be a season or what the season will look like, but we will update you soon with our plan.  Once we have a better idea of what gym time, mandates, etc. will look like for our basketball community, we will email another update to you. 



Patrick Hart

GYBA President

Jefferson County Basketball Board

  • Golden Youth Basketball Association - Patrick Hart, Lori Woods
  • JPS and Chatfield - Jacquie Pearson
  • Bear Creek - David Hutchcraft
  • Dakota Ridge - Tony Esolen, Ed Corridori, Rudy Rodriquez



by posted 09/02/2020